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Rumic_Icontest is on Hiatus

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Why the Hiatus?
1- Declining entries. Some of the Rumic fandoms have really shrunk since this icontest was opened, and as such fewer people enter. We have to extend most of themes here. With school in session (as opposed to it being close to summer), entries are unlikely to pick up.
2- Lack of personal investment. We do love this contest, but we feel it unfair to keep an icontest going if our hearts aren't in it.
3- Losing interest in fandom. We've been in various Rumic fandoms for about six years, but inevitably a time has come when our interest in them has receded. Although we still love Rumiko-sensei and all her wonderful manga/characters dearly, we feel we don't have enough fandom dedication anymore to run a small contest to them.

Can I moderate the community instead of you putting it on hiatus?
No, we're sorry. We're not interested in obtaining a comoderator right now. :)

Where can I go now?
-inu_stillness- The general Inuyasha icontest I run, is still up and running. We have been rather low on entries lately and would very much appreciate some new members. Unfortunately there are no icontests dedicated to Rumiko's other series. If you are a banner maker here and would be interested in switching over to inu_stillness let me know. We can always use new banner makers.

Thank you for seventy great weeks, and hopefully at some point in the future this community will return!

These banners will be completed. Not to worry. :)
Week 65- haro
Week 68- abarero
Week 69- haro
Icon Royale - abarero & haro

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