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We have icons from just one member. As such, this week's theme will be extended until NEXT FRIDAY at nine p.m. CST. Go enter your icons HERE!
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Week 69 Submit- Book Quotes or Provided Images

This week's concept theme is Book Quotes.

All you have to do is make an icon featuring a quote from a book. Please provide the title of the book and the quotation used.

Your other option is to use one of the images provided under the cut. If you choose to go that route, what you do with the icon is completely free reign. You do not need to use a book quote, or even any text at all.

Images under cut...Collapse )

Animation, other brushes, effects, etc are welcome. For this week's theme, you may submit up to THREE icons.

Before you submit, please check out the 'rules' in the user info.

You have until 9 p.m. US central time on FRIDAY OCTOBER 12th to get your icons in, and at that time I'll be setting up the post. (Which will conclude on Monday night.)

So comment to this post (make sure you're signed in- comments will be screened.) with the following information:

Your icon submission: < img src= " url goes here " > (remove spaces)
URL of icon:
The Character/Characters and Series featured: (This is required, as not all our members will be familiar with all things Rumic.)
Anything else I may need to know:

Here's some galleries to help you out:
-- Urusei Yatsura
-- Maison Ikkoku
-- Ranma 1/2
-- InuYasha
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