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Rumic Icontest!

An Icontest Dedicated to the Princess of Manga

Takahashi Rumiko Icontest
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Hello and welcome to rumic_icontest, a livejournal icon award community for fans of the work of Takahashi Rumiko, the 'princess of manga,' who love to make icons/and or appreciate those who do make them.

Every week a theme will be set forward for members to make submit icons relating to. Members will vote via signed in screen comments, and at the end of the voting awards will be given for First-Third place as well as moderator's choice assuming there are at least eight entries.


Banner Makers:
Let us know if you're interested in being a banner maker!

So what's allowed here?

Anything by the prolific Takahashi Rumiko! Both the original manga as well as the anime adaptations of her work are accepted.

A List of major titles:
*-Urusei Yatsura
*-Maison Ikkoku
*-Mermaid Saga
*-Ranma 1/2 (Nibun no Ichi)
*-One Pound Gospel
*-InuYasha- (Sengoku o Togi Zoushi)
*-As well as any of the Rumic Theater/Rumic World short stories
*-Also acceptable is Moeyo Ken, which she did character designs for.

Links lead to the eternally awesome Rumic World. If you're unfamiliar with any of the above works and would like to find out more, that's the place to go. You do not have to be familiar with all or even most of the titles Takahashi has published to be welcome here. This is an icontest for all her fans to celebrate any of her works.

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The Rules:

1. Members must submit their icons by 9pm (central) on Friday Night. Voting will start then and conclude on Sunday Night at Nine P.M.
2. Icons must be new! Please no older icons, and we'd prefer if you made them especially for the theme. Do not post them up before the contest is over! If you do so I will have to disqualify the entrant.
3. This is a bias free zone- so please vote honestly and sincerely. No voting for your own icon. Also, please not advertise your submission or get a group of friends to vote for you- let's be fair here.
4. Art must be official manga or anime images from any of Takashi's work. Fanart is not allowed. However, if you wish to use doujinshi scans you may. The circle must be credited though.
5. No character bashing or potshots at any character/pairing. Even if you're doing it in humor- if you're unsure of something, run it by me first.
6. Proper credit must be given in the keywords if you wish to take one of the icons submitted here for personal use. Also, make sure you ask the icon maker directly for permission.
7. Icons need to fit the given theme. Stipulations will be given in each week's submission post.
8. Icons must fit livejournal criteria- 100x100 pixels or less and no more than 40 kb. Animation is fine.
9. Three icons per member per week for the time being. Themes will include words, lyrics, concepts (such as 'textless'), series specific, as well as provided bases and pictures.
10. Have fun and may the best icons win!

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How to Submit:

Once the theme is given (on Sunday night once the previous results are announced) you have until Friday at 9 p.m. to get your submissions in. Comment to the specified post (comments will be screened so do it signed in- not anonymously) with this information:

Your icon submission: < img src= " url goes here " > (remove spaces)
URL of icon:
The Character/Characters and Series featured: (This is required, as not all our members will be familiar with all things Rumic.)
Anything else I may need to know:

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...And How to Vote:

Voting is done screened comment style, by replying to the post with the entrants (logged in).

Make sure to have your votes in by the allotted time, and all will be well.

And any member can vote! Whether you're an icon maker or just someone who loves the series/loves icons.

Week One // Smile & Ranma/Akane
Week Two // Leading Ladies & Maison Ikkoku
Week Three // Rumic Critters & Mana/Yuta
Week Four // Romantic Couples & InuYasha-tachi
Week Five // Comedic Love Rivals & Urusei Yatsura
Week Six // Leading Males & Ranma 1/2
Week Seven // Textless
Week Eight // Lyrical & Rumic Crossover Image
Week Nine // Time, Firetripper, & InuYasha
Week Ten // Song Title, Maison Ikkoku, & One Pound Gospel
Week Eleven // Mermaid Forest, InuYasha, & Maison Ikkoku Openings/Endings Set One
Week Twelve // Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, & Rumiko Takahashi Anthology Openings/Endings Set One
Week Thirteen // You Hentai! & Ranma 1/2
Week Fourteen // Higurashi Kagome, Lum, & Black and White Manga
Week Fifteen // Believe & Springtime
Week Sixteen // Destiny, Urusei Yatsura, & Mermaid Forest
Week Seventeen // Minor Characters, InuYasha, & Ranma 1/2
Week Eighteen // InuYasha & Maison Ikkoku Openings/Endings Set Two
Week Nineteen // Tendou Akane & Yuta
Week Twenty // InuYasha & Mana
Week Twenty-One // Otonashi Kyoko & Saotome Ranma
Week Twenty-Two // Lum & Godai Yusaku
Week Twenty-Three // Higurashi Kagome & Moroboshi Ataru
Week Twenty-Four // Faceless
Week Twenty-Five // Urusei Yatsura & Ranma 1/2 Openings/Endings Set Two
Week Twenty-Six // Male Characters from InuYasha & Ranma 1/2
Week Twenty-Seven // Past Icons
Week Twenty-Eight // Fashion
Week Twenty-Nine // Antagonists
Week Thirty // Love
Week Thirty-One // Icon Sets
Week Thirty-Two // Summer in October
Week Thirty-Three // Innocence
Week Thirty-Four // Kimono Part #1- InuYasha & Maison Ikkoku
Week Thirty-Five // Vivid Colors
Week Thirty-Six // InuYasha Tenth Anniversary
Week Thirty-Seven // Kimono Part #2- Urusei Yatsura & Ranma 1/2
Week Thirty-Eight // Winter/Holiday
Week Thirty-Nine // Eternal
Week Forty // Dynamic Duo
Week Forty-One // "At the Beginning" Lyrics
Week Forty-Two // Seven Heavenly Virtues
Week Forty-Three // General Series: InuYasha & Mermaid Saga
Week Forty-Four // OTP
Week Forty-Five // Retro
Week Forty-Six // Movie Quotes
Week Forty-Seven // General Series: Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura, & Rumic World
Week Forty-Eight // Provided Resources
Week Forty-Nine // Black & White Manga Covers
Week Fifty // Icon Royale
Week Fifty-One // Movie Title
Week Fifty-Two // Crossover
Week Fifty-Three // Foreign Language
Week Fifty-Four // Anime
Week Fifty-Five // Past Icons
Week Fifty-Six // Friendship
Week Fifty-Seven // Favorite Scene
Week Fifty-Eight // Dream
Week Fifty-Nine // Color Manga
Week Sixty // Beauty
Week Sixty-One // Minor Characters
Week Sixty-Two // Smile
Week Sixty-Three // Manga Toning
Week Sixty-Four // Blue
Week Sixty-Five // Movies/OVAs ** haro
Week Sixty-Six // Eyes
Week Sixty-Seven // Provided Resources
Week Sixty-Eight // Pink **abarero
Week Sixty-Nine // Book Quote (Current)

**Banners for starred themes are pending.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Banners will be awarded to all three places weekly, and the winning icon will be set as the community default.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let the moderators (haro and abarero) know. I want this community to be able to please everyone involved as well as being an enjoyable experience- so if you have anything to say... speak up!

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